Just spent 5 hrs dealing with a 14 year old autistic misper who will only chat with me... watching her go from a crying wreck to the calm, smiling, peaceful girl I dropped off at hospital... that's why I do this job. And it's why I'll never do anything else ❀

4/5 of whom weren't involved with participation before lockdown! So proud of how we're adapting

Today was my closing Google Meet for two of my classes and I have to say it was hard to say goodbye:( Love them so much and wish I could have them again next year:(

When you dont have a white board in your house and all the kids on zoom need to be taught their Lit GCSE....

Lots of lovely fresh flowers arrived today & have been prepped ready for another busy week here at Thatch & Bloom, lots of variety & a rainbow of colours too. Designs delivered using appropriate social distancing measures. Message me to order.

In honor of Memorial Day I ain’t gonna scoop up the Veteran on my list. I’ma hunt down a chump that beat up his sister cause she wouldn’t lend him money. Got the perfect work uniform for this Muthafucka, Im deadass gonna be stomping concrete like this πŸ‘Š

🌧️+😭=hug in a mug. πŸ€ I have the perfect cup for that (and a child who insists in marshmallows in their HC)

I’ve had such amazing feedback on the gram, so I thought I’d share this on here πŸ’“ We’re not robots, we’re all individual but we’re still Dietitians πŸ’ͺ🏼

I think my favourite thing a judge has ever said today β€œplease tell P that I am more than happy to wear my wig for a virtual meeting as requested but my hammers are strictly for DIY”

Yesterday we took our first patient out into our new Stroke Unit Garden for outdoor mobility practice and a bit of well-needed sunshine after a long inpatient stay

Love what you do, not for the money, but to help these kids strive to be there VERY best!!

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