Always at my side. Forever in my heart. Never leave my thoughts. Thank you for everything! My beautiful Geronimo! 🖤🐾🐾

Self-confidence is a result of knowing who YOU are. YOU are a creative spirit turning thoughts into matter. Your SOURCE is infinite, inexhaustible and eternal. YOU are capable of magnificent deeds! Shine on! ❤️ ✨

May you and your bae find like these two beautiful Palestinian love birds ♥️🙈 Tag your soulmate.

❦A beautiful heart is like a beautiful day... welcoming, warm and bright. ~Anne Scottlin

Hello Tuesday... My favorite day of the week and my favorite day to daydream! Hoping ya'll have a fabulous week and all of your dreams come true! Feel free to share some of your favorite dreamy photos, or just your favorite views!

A REAL MAN understands that sex isn’t everything when it comes to satisfying a lady… comforting her, appreciating her, respecting her and taking care of her emotionally is also part of pleasing her.

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