Awesome! You support bullying!! That’s great! You’re such a warrior.

Narcissistic, Left wing, 'Gotcha' journalists. Dreadful stuff.

General, I believe I have important information regarding this topic

Keep an eye open for the old man on the news later. Did his very best to photobomb every shot – at The Glamorganshire Golf Club

And the horribly sad funny thing is we probably ALL know someone who would be THAT person. "I'm so trendy and so compliant, and so self righteous' "

Bill, I've been trying to wave my hand in your face for a while now. I'm jumping up & down SCREAMING for you to see me! Lol Send me $1,000 and I GUARANTEE YOU that I'll take at least half and give it to others! With Proof!

What the Fuck have you been doing for 12 yrs ? It was time years ago and YOU did nothing to enhance NY and ready it for anything

5 worst we see in others but seldom ourselves 1. Look at me I’m so kind 😇 2. Look at me I’m so important🧐 3. Look at me I’m so clever🤓 4. Look at me I’m so angry👊 5. Look at me I’m so funny🤣 & my own bonus point... Look at me I’m always right 🥴

Will you look into my eyes and let my lights take your soul

On this day 15 years ago the French comedy drama , also known as Like An Image, was released, written & directed by Agnes Jaoui. This film won Best Screenplay at Cannes in 2004, was a nominee for the Palme d'Or and was shot by acclaimed cinematographer Stephane Fontaine.

Milo still not onboard with the whole social distancing thing If you get a totally random email full of gobildigook, it wasn’t me

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