Sweet little visitor on the porch, glad I am not currently in the Pleistocene;)

This little guy was just hanging out in my driveway today.

Nice to see this little one hunting on the side of the house this evening - only a couple of inches long

When you loose your job you will loose your woman 馃懇 When you have a paying job you will find a great woman 馃懇 The only woman 馃懇 that would stay when you have a job or not is your Mom So when you have a job please :) be a blessing to your Mom. 鉂鉂鈿鈿

This lizard visits my mother in law almost every day. He鈥檒l have plenty to eat, there鈥檚 so many bugs!!

I caught this handsome fellow in full red-faced breeding regalia confidently cruising through the yard on the prowl for a lady five-lined skink today.

Jellyfish Stuck on Snout Reachind new levels of shht-posting I think it tried to kiss me... Can't breathe, someone help :x

Poking through old scans and found an scan of a basilisk with a broken and regrown tail!

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