Congratulations 🇱🇧 on the 20th year anniversary of day! On May 25, 2000, the Israeli army withdrew from South , ending almost two decades of Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. Blessings to those who defended our homeland. Happy Liberation Day 🇱🇧

Follow us here on tweeter come and witness the new life in Jesus Christ the Zoe life.

Women leaders of who have also been pivotal in discussing and values! Register!!!

Fear can sometimes become debilitating and unproductive. It can even prevent you from reaching your goals. Here are a few tips on how to liberate yourself from fears that are doing more harm than good.

The I planted are a lovely ray of sunshine today. My own tulip festival.

A year ago we marched for the last time for Equal Marriage. Now on to the rest of that queer agenda! Much much to do. A sexual orientation strategy has been promised since 2007 by the Executive Parties. Time to deliver and resource it.

Eyes wide open, I'm alive again. Senses sharpened, wash away my sin 🤍

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