I learnt to be humbler and more human in the aftermath of Gratitude to all my friends who reached out during this time. Your care made a lot of difference 🙏 A quick reflection on the that I have learnt

What might you gain from an epic fail? We asked five Insperity thought leaders to share important they learned from . Here’s what they said.

The rose has told In one simplicity That never life Relinquishes a bloom But to bestow An ancient confidence. - Nathalia Crane

Smile for what you have, rather than cry for what you don't. And they 👇are best at it.

Teaching a Houdini-themed card trick during a live class earlier today. Know any children who love magic? Enroll them in my Outschool classes! Sessions occur each week.

In a world emerging from lock down and the turmoil that is Covid-19, I wonder will lessons of contentment be learned. Will there still be as much ruthlessness, competition & comparisons in society.

Thank you Natalia 💖 for liking "throne boy" post💖 One of the best one can learn in life: is to master how to stay calm 💙💙💙... Thoughtful quotes 💭 Love from Australia 💖 may your day be filled with much happiness 🙂🙂🙂... misha 💞

The past is over and will now be released, for the bright and welcome future lies ahead.

Whatever you had worn,was yours What are you wearing,May or may not be yours. What you have digested,was yours What is still in stomach,May or may not be yours...

“Some people come in our life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons.” — Mother Teresa

Yep then they robbed me the next day lol

I Learnt From Covid-19 1. Life Is Short. 2. Jobs Are Temporary. 3. Health Is Wealth. 4. Always Save Some Amount Of Money. 5. We Need God To Survive. - 😎

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