This is really sad, they the store in soho. These are some of the best cameras. I hope whoever stole these at least appreciates photography or sells it to someone who does. Hope they didn’t just smash it.

After a day walking yesterday... Was always time to grab a sunset walk too. Malc of course still had energy to play and chase 😆 Rossall Beach, Lancashire

Overlooking Picton Bay • Prince Edward County (2019) 📷 - Leica M6ttl • Voigtlander 35mm f1.7 Ultron 🎞 - Ilford Delta 100 • Y2 filter 🧪 - Xtol .

I pass this chap every time I do my shopping! He’s almost finished the wall!! Only another 2 years to go he said today. *seriously another 2 years on the wall*

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