Crafted from premium carbon steel and finished with a colorful porcelain enamel, ’s new Everyday Enamelware is perfect for casually sophisticated dining. Explore the collection:

Omg! the second half of my birthday gift arrived from , LOOK @ these beautiful mugs! 😍 after we broke so many of my beautiful patterned ones some research revealed as being a really good range for durability & of course i LOVE the rainbow colours! TYJAS! 💓

For me, the traditional way is always the best. Please no jaunty s*r*w*o* quips - I’m trying to relax

Early birthday present from my wife. What should I make in it first? Anyone have any good recipes they would like to share?

Check out Le Creuset Sky Blue Baking Pan Casserole Dish 9" Square With Handles #18-27 via

We are excited to announce that Supplier, will be featured on BBC Two on the 14th April at 9pm. It’s a fantastic insight into how makes its world famous Cast Iron - make sure you add this to your watch-list!

Good morning! Happy Saturday! My Brown Rice video got 1,111 view this morning! Thank you so much for your support! 🍚🍚🍚 How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice in the Le Creuset Rice Pot 🍚🍚🍚

Since we're all , I'm re-sharing my fave bread making method: Baking with pots with the lid on. This bakes & steams bread with mouthwatering results. This is a pull-apart, crown loaf that my family just inhales 😆

Thank you for making me feel like Julia Child. So I felt like a spot of french cooking this evening, so took out my french styled cooking utensils and made a delicious spinach (picked from my garden) quiche.

COMPETITION TIME: For a chance of winning this Cool Mint 26cm Rectangular Pie Dish, tell us below where the Banana Meringue Recipe originated from... Read all about it here: Closing date: Midnight 27-02-20. T&C's apply. UK only.

For a chance of winning this Loaf Tin, ready for tell us the amount of caraway seeds needed for the Scandinavian Bread recipe, in our latest blog> Closing date: Midnight 14-02-20. T&C's apply. UK only.

How would you like to win this Le Creuset Bakeware Yorkshire Pudding Tray? Tell us in the comments below what type of Yorkshires are featured in our blog >>> Competition ends Midnight Sunday 02.02.20 UK Only.

Look who arrived 😍 Thank you @porg_zilla for telling us where we could adopt this little guy from he arrived safe and sound 😊

So this young lady decided to break one bottle of the Oil and Vinegar set ya . Is silent about it until I ask why I only see the vinegar bottle!!! Don’t have kids!!! They won’t let you have nice things these people. I’m hurt 😔

I made a quick video how to cook perfect brown rice! Please check it out 😃 How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice in the Le Creuset Rice Pot 🍚🍚🍚

And the biggest joke is that we dont have a single anything at home ... so how they know the brand, I have no idea

More wonders from our family trip back to the home I grew up in Sometimes you need to be reminded that old-fashioned methods are still the best keep braaied meat warm! Teenager's response: "That's so aesthetic ... could we get one at ?" Me: 🙄

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