Truly one of the most beautiful scenes in the series. I’ll always have such a deep love for Prince’s Gambit.

*psst* I wrote my first captive prince fic! I wanted to explore how Damen would ease Laurent into being comfortable enough to be on the receiving end of oral like he struggled with in the book. It's up on patreon now! 👑

If there are any Captive Prince artists out there selling charms and/or can badges, please let me know! Thanks! 😃

I tried to draw soft but accurate lines (the opposite of what I normally do) but I don‘t know if I like it :/. At some point it does look stiff but idk man I‘m just trying to fire out how to even draw lines.

Saw so many beautiful illustrations of Damen and Laurent from Captive Prince and they inspired me to work on my own version of the characters. Hope you like this~!

Reading my first fic in, what, almost three years? made me feel nostalgic, so I went ahead and revamped an oldie but goodie from way back 2017. Need to re-read the books again. Thank you, for your brilliance.

Here's the preview of my piece for 👑 ÉLÉGANCE is a Fashion digital zine for charity✨ I'm so happy I had the oportunity to be a contributor to this zine with other awesome artists💕

We are open 11-2pm🍜 5:30-9pm🍜 Mmmmm Negi Miso Ramen + Paulo + Mushroom + Butter looks delicious😋😋😋 📸credit Thank you😊 . . #🍜

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