My HS Friend surprised her husband with tickets to last night Laker Game and this was his reaction 🥺🥺

Being a laker I was hoping we would bag this game but shout out to the trailblazers for turning up and playing hard.. They didn't go easy on us, and we didn't want them to.Thats was how Kobe would love the game played. Hard and true.

Lakers : we gon win this for kobe Lillard : Smh this nigga

Lebron James and the Lakers pay respect and tributes to the legendary Kobe Bryant!

Had a huge monent seeing at the last night!! Love. 💛🤗🙌

Son away at college tells me he saw his old school pal Sam on Instagram w/his owner AuntJeanie. I arrive at - “Hey Jeanie, Justin saw you in a pic w/AdamLevine’s brother.” : “Yes. He’s right here.” Boom. Snap.

Know how you walk up to a stranger and say, “would you mind taking our picture?” Picked the 1 guy who minded. Lucky I got my phone back.

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