"On Carrie Lam's cursed birthday, we wish her eternal damnation to the Nth level of hell." Hong Kong Protesters Send Special "Blessings" on Carrie Lam's Birthday 1952 | APM Mall, Source: Local Press

Over 30 today surrounded & arrested a when he tried to put a caricature of with head onto in . Clearly, ’s only duty is to carry out political censorship & save face for this authoritarian leader of .

Several men put up posters in today, including works of . After that, more than 20 surrounded the group and one man was arrested. The Kwun Tong DC member later stated in the FB that the man had been released but was fined $1500. source:Stand news

Another “made suicide”case happened in , . Victim was only 22, his body was found around 19:00 last nite, all these cases reported by the same media , also without death note, also non suspicious.

13:30 Dozens are stopped and searched by during a workers’ lunch protest in major business district in Hong Kong. At least one male is arrested. Video via Telegram

Today is National Mask Day. Initiated by netizens,over a hundred people gathered in for "Let's Lunch & Fold Together & Mask Exhibition." Event organisers hope to remind all of 's during the past 6 months & 's story.

At noon today, Hong Kongers spontaneously gathered for a flash mob rally in , chanting “Return our campus, save

And did we mention that -ers are multi-talented? This is sung at APM mall in tonight, accompanied by a small orchestra: Video via Telegram

Crowd packed in the mall APM singing ‘Glory be to thee, Hong Kong’. What a touching scene.

Just in: Ventus Lau, organiser of today’s march in , was arrested for unlawful assembly because Lau was distributing supplies during the protest, according to several sources. Therefore, he was arrested even though it was an authorised march.

in . police arrest protestors,dragging one on the road,then Molotov cocktail thrown,lots of rubber billets and pepper ball rounds.

The genuine reason behind closing nearly half of the Kwun Tong Line so early. It is occupied by Hong Kong Police for their swift relocation from one station to another. The so-called for passenger's safety reason is just cover-up.

- police opened fire into protesters retreating toward Kowloon Bay. Some journalists were in the line of fire.

A reality. The more black the protestors wear, the more aggressive they are. And this is the most black I’ve seen in the crowds since last Sunday’s peaceful mass rally that 1.7 million people attended. is here.

: protesters have just downed a “smart” lamppost on Sheung Yuet St in Kwun Tong, with tools such as electric saws and rope. They believe that it has surveillance functions.

Tense atmosphere on Wai Yip Street In right outside the Ngau Tau Kok police station. Protesters have set up roadblock on the street, spray painted walls of the police station & are chanting slogans, while police are on standby.

The scene now in for today’s march. People coming out of the MTR station and APM Mall. We’ve seen a week of peaceful protests from last night’s and last Sunday’s massive rally on island. Will the peace hold? is here.

"They're going to suppress the freedom of expression for those ppl who want to join a lawful assembly ... Ppl must be more angry and this anger will be targeted towards " I interviewed Ventus Lau,organiser of tdy’s protest in abt MTR's decision.

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