you could tell Kendall was NOT having it while Kris was talking about her sex life with Corey

How much does Kendall get paid to sit in silence and tilt her head in every scene on

i don’t think i’ve laughed harder then at the end of this episode was a straight MOOD

Omg I would have done anything to watch Kim in improv this is her biggest nightmare!!! 😂

My mom and MJ in dicks sporting goods trying to set me up is so humiliating. These poor guys 🤦🏼‍♀️ they are taking their photos and asking them personal questions lol oh my god. I’m so uncomfortable even though this is old. I’m still cringing

It’s crazy that some people find being single, healing and happy is a negative. Lol I literally am so chillin right now. I’m focused on loving my baby girl ♥️ life is beautiful

I have NEVER been good at concealing my facial expressions. I wish I was better at not showing everything I’m thinking on my face

My boobs looked so good in that top I wore in interview lol if I do say so myself

Brand new episode of starts in less than an hour!!!

khloe trying to stop kim and kourtney throwing hands at each other

kendall unshockable since her dad killed someone and turned into a woman.

Let the record show that Kourtney rocked Kim. Kim was connecting but Kourt finished her with that right hook

Kendall in every Scene wondering again why she’s on this show..

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