even tho theres no construction, now im being distracted by sounds of ambulances every night in past couple weeks in (more so than even the police & helicopters & fire trucks im used to just growing up here). and i just wonder. :(

P.S. DON'T say "move out of " cos then i would have so little walking-distance accessible support. thank you so much to SO many friends, neighbors (incl strangers!), & partner, who reached out asking what i need, dropped off food & water, asked to interview, etc!🥺(3/3)

If you need masks, gloves or santizer in Koreatown theres a pharmacy selling them.

Hosting a dinner at a Oaxacan restaurant in . :(

The Rosetta studio apartments for rent in Koreatown, Los Angeles is a step above her fellow apartment buildings on Mariposa in Ktown. Studios available now at $1,250

Building a condo DURING PANDEMIC is NOT essential labor (growing my own food is!) eric garcetti needs to order all construction companies who aren't building hospitals: GIVE THEIR WORKERS PAID LEAVE. i dont blame workers i blame

this is truly sad. can you just give contracted construction workers building NON-ESSENTIAL things like MORE CONDOS IN paid leave so they can go home? it's nothing against them as workers. i just cant properly ventilate my apt against bc of dust.

bc i have lung & liver/immuno conditions, ive mainly gone outside to walk my dog in the past 19 day, but today i immediately feel sniffles after only a few minutes in . even tho thats not a symptom, im wearing a mask and bringing my hand sanitizer to be safe.

good morning pls follow this thread to follow my "performance art" piece called fighting for my gotdam human rights as a renter, chronically ill person, neurodivergent student, korean american, city dweller, etc etc ....

i dont see how building condos YEARS away from completion, DURING pandemic is "essential business." this actively damages my health and livelihood as a resident, and is dangerous for workers commuting here to on non-essential business. give them paid leave.

Business owners, others getting help applying for $$ to during financial crisis. This center set up by Assemblymember Miguel Sanchez in . Social distancing, appointment only. Listen to story on ⁦

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