are a type of blooming one month before all other Originally from Kawazu City -Shizuoka Prefecture- they can be found also in and are now blooming: 🌸Kawazuzakura near station 🌸enjoy sakura with a view of

河津桜: Kawazu-zakura, 冬至梅: Winter plump and 大紅梅:Big Red plum planted in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the TMDU 13th grade is in full bloom at yushima campus.

The Kawazu-cherry blossoms at Yoyogi park are in full bloom.🌸 (They bloom earlier than well-known Someiyoshino-cherry blossoms.) . #🌸

Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival will be held soon!🌸 Do you know early-blooming cherry blossoms called ? From mid-February through early March, You can enjoy an astounding view of Mount Fuji and Blossoms at Nishihirabatake Park.🏞

The beautiful has started to blossom along the Sakagawa river roadside. Since 24th, decorative lightning has been set up on the roadside to the south of Shrine ⛩️🌸

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