I hope this doesnt affect how much Nike is paying Colin.. I mean he promised to bail all the rioters out of jail & Im sure wouldnt want Colin to run out of money 馃槣

Ran afternoon with Nike鈦 Run Club. Imagination is important so that can realize anything in mind into world if only

if people are out peacefully protesting in large groups- and rioters out hating in large groups- then people can peacefully pray/praise in large groups.

These moments matter the most - so let鈥檚 all be part of the change

Ran evening with she and Nike鈦 Run Club. at Last, Summer has come. Let's bootcamp for Autumn harvest Sep 15, so now!

The science says that reduce road average speed and you reduce casualties. The science says that set 20mph limits and you reduce speeds. The science says that 65% of people support 20mph limits and only 11% object. It's time for 20 as a national urban limit.

Day 12 of - continued working on my django project and played with HTML and CSS to simulate a walking man馃槀馃槀

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

Dear haters, Yes we鈥檝e done it all. Auto tapping, badger friends, steal family鈥檚 iPad, force spouse to vote, behave more like a robot than human, practice extreme hand movements (faster than when I played Zhongruan in Chinese Orchestra) Guess what? You can too!!馃帀

For those who still don't get it... coronavirus is spread by droplets, which get trapped in masks. Not 100%, but neither is anything else in life.

1er Round: Morning Training 馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎 3 series de 5鈥, cada serie: -100 Cross-Body Mountain Climber -40 Desplantes -80 Cross-Body Mountain Climber -20 Sentadillas 馃棧 puro power!!!

Really hot today in PPE at the testing site but great to support care homes and deliver their tests

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