I do what I do here to express my endless admiration for , for who brought him to glorious life, for and stuff. Not for likes, not for followers. If my shit gets likes I'm happy cuz it tells Negan & JDM are loved. If not I'd do it anyway. Cuz I love them. ❤️

90% of those who hate do so not bcoz of his envious performance but where he comes from.

It’s been 4 years since I started posting on Twitter. Back then I couldn’t even imagine that I’ll move to Japan and experience all the horrors of getting a Japanese driver license. – at 平針運転免許試験場(場内)バス停

One of the most underrated jdm cars It's a mix between a skyline R32 and a silvia s13

He really bout that life tho 🐉 🔥 Vargas tune!

Very soon. Insha Allah. is coming back to save us by the will of God.

I love him so much for sleeping with the alpacas to keep Silvercoin company. ❤️🥺❤️ IG post

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