Seven-Eleven milk pudding cake! Japanese sweets Seven-Eleven, Japan's number one convenience store. Seven-Eleven milk pudding cakes are excellent. Please enjoy the world-class taste and beauty.

is the time for in Japan. I'm loving all the new mint chocolates and cookies and icecreams!

If I could convince myself to eat nothing but , I’m sure I’d be twice as healthy and half as fat. 😋😘🇯🇵🍣 🐟 🍝 – at Yuzu Kaiseki

There is so much to see in Kyoto that you will be exhausted by night. However, Kyoto is just as beautiful at night, so you might as well enjoy it.

Sake with Japanese food in spring. Glliled firefly squid,Red snapper sashimi,Fukinoto tempra. Fukinoto is spring mountain herbs.

Flower carrots Are you interested in making flower carrots? Thinking if I should make video.

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