If you can eat it (or drink it, or wear it...) there's a vending machine in that sells it. This one offers edible insects. (via Entomophagy FB group)

Japan’s state of emergency has been lifted for and four other remaining prefectures. The country is now embarking on a gradual return to normal life.

Black-eyed are pale-colored with a prominent dark spot mostly grown and eaten in the southern . , , and the are its biggest exporters while , & are major importers and the market is expected to show decent growth.

The Japanese gov doesn’t have the “force” to lock down our country; some idiots worsened the situation, but at least, it was minor. The virus is still there, but I think Japan’s strength on anything is that we don’t go extreme or dualism. Not black and white, but grey.

considers granting up to ¥200,000 ($1,900) for each health employee working at hospitals treating patients across the country.

PM Abe announces the end of the state of emergency. Thanks the people of Japan for their commitment and endurance. Interesting reference to the ‘Japan model’. 🇯🇵

Elvis statue in Harborland Kobe, also masking it up to keep it safe

I just finished writing a letter to a friend of mine. I love this paper. Every month, stationary stores in Japan will change the motifs of the flowers on their items. It’s so beautiful you actually feel the desire to put pen to paper even in this digital day and age.

The death of has triggered such a groundswell of anger that celebrities in are talking more openly about the "internet lynching" by anonymous haters & challenging the notion that they, as public figures, should accept it comes with the territory and move on

A lot of people are sharing stories that claim that the Japanese government will pay for "half of your next trip" to Japan. From what I've seen, the government money is to support domestic tourism, not fly foreign tourists to Japan.

becomes the 1st country in the world to defeat without - Lockdown - Mass Testing - Contact Tracing App - No Center for Disease Control - Shops including Restaurants and Hair Salons were open all thru - No restrictions on People movements

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