It's Friday night and this is how to end the week ! Have a great weekend ! On the left "Pizza Mozart" with mozzarella, sausage, fresh mushroom, italian gorgonzola! On the right Pizza with mozzarella, fresh garlic and parsley! food

10 July 1553: Jane Grey conducted down river to the Tower of . An witness noted: “very short, but prettily shaped & graceful, her hair nearly red”

Want to easily learn vocabulary? Learn cognates. Here are some to start you off

now offers an inspired hand-painted stripe on the hood and roof of its new vehicles 🇮🇹 The tricolor stripe is meant to celebrate Italy moving past the worst of its cases

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The Godfather of South Bend. Rocco Simeri (far right) sponsored many immigrants from Calabria to work for his construction company. Those are his boys sitting on the car on the left.

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Sprezzatura- doing something extremely well withouth showing any effort. We should have this word in English!

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