Hey chicki! Gm! I shoot almost everything with my believe it or not! Did a periscope video this am! I have an old Nikon D100 that needs some TLC. Can鈥檛 justify a new camera just yet. Getting my website updated soon. 馃槏馃摳馃摫

姣庢湀16000鍐嗐亴2銉舵湀銇 1鍎勩伄涓嶅嫊鐢c仺銇倞銇俱仚銆 瀹熺妇銆佽鎷犮倐銇傘倞銇俱仚銆 銈傘仐灏戙仐銇с倐鑸堝懗銇屻亗銈娿伨銇椼仧銈 銇勩仱銇с倐銉°儍銈汇兗銈搞亸銇犮仌銇勩

Got a video of the moon with my telescope and let鈥檚

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