These products are Naturally made to help people who fall under 🤸🏽‍♀️❣️ All healthy , All pure , All made for body strength , Energy, am talking skin…

First trip to in probably 2-3 months. Have you ever seen fresh garbanzo ? I’ll buy mine dry or canned to save the extra work, but that’s not at my market often...

The pro-democracy protests in are nothing short of inspiring. I propose an vigil for on the date of the events at Square. Organize yourselves at a local level.

Fellows at the Global Policy Institute write a variety of editorial work. Problems & Answers are a way for fellows to approach the sources and possible solutions of issues. Visit our website with the link in our bio to read more!

Looking for ways to get your business in front of an audience of  professionals? Then there's no better place to start than Anuga FoodTec! Log in from the comfort of home and apply to become an at our next edition in March 2021.

Today is Diversity Day. May the Kyrgyz Republic continue to work towards full respect for diversity and the inclusion of all groups in all national processes. New global threats including C-19 challenge us to work harder than before to a whole of society approach

Happy day to the brave women who pick tea leaves on a daily basis. Enjoy the mistic tea.

Tea Day today. Tea with mask, not rusk😎 We have variants of tea.. mint tea, ginger tea, lemon tea, green tea.. let's celebrate this special drink today amid memories of Covid n lockdown. Cheers to all Tea lovers and policy framers for this day . Jai Chai!

BOOK OF THE DAY -- May 20th Free on KU: Devil in False Colors by Has received a perfect 4/4 by OBC! Though third in the Lara-Uri series, it can be read as a stand-alone!

Finally, we were proud to welcome Judith Gill QC – who has already served a term on the ICCA Governing Board – to the role of ICCA Vice-President. To learn more about Judith’s career in , click here:

IAF's Several fighter jets, including the surveillance aircraft, are constantly monitoring the .

Congratulations to graduate student Grace Hyunjung Lee who was awarded the Graduate Student Award from the Office of the Provost! 🌍

Charlie strikes an odd bargain to learn more about her estranged father. Facing a serial killer wasn’t part of the deal at “I couldn’t put it down”

Sweden a call to the . CALL TO ACTION. ANDERS TEGNELL SWEDEN'S STATE EPIDEMIOLOGIST has lied and distorted the reality of the disaster unfolding in Sweden. Call him out. Ask the hard questions. Ask him for his data, models and scientifc justifications.

We’ve got ourselves a midnight showdown. . You can almost hear the 4386, “back in my day..., we knew how to drive straight on our own!”

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