Some restoration work for the Type R but also a guide on how to repair loose windshield wipers. Check it out.

Now that’s more like it. I feel better now. Name something that annoys you about your vehicle that you’d like to fix.

This is how you’re supposed to use the sticker template for the rear sticker on a Type R. Going to fix this today by using a little heat and some adhesive remover to get the old one off. Wish me luck.

Big honor getting behind the wheel of lhtperformance ‘s 2001 Acura Integra GS-R. Stay tuned for the FULL review this Saturday! - - -

Throwback Thursday! I love the history of Touring Cars and . Integra Type R's on the grid! Learn more about todays touring Car stars by listening to the TC America Podcast! Link in the bio.

The is a car that has deserved a legendary status in the automotive world, but is it deserved? Here's what I thought when I was lucky enough to slip behind the wheel of said car:

I didn’t want twitter to miss out what I posted to insta and FB. 😂 steal my pics, okay. Remove my logo, you an a-hole.

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