Meanwhile on It's Day 46, I have gained their trust. They still suspect nothing, and are somehow convinced that I am wise.

This girl is 15. Her mother, using multiple accounts sells semi naked & naked photos of her daughter to pedophiles, at least since age 13. has known about this for a very very long time. How do you sleep at night when you work at the ?

For those who are not on instagram. Pls aa jao merko jitaane k liye hi aa jao. ( Participated in a constest on insta) 😜😜

Jeff Ross with Ed, Jill & Olivia β€œHave you told your parents that you smoke pot yet?” 🀣 via

I'm joining an art challenge :3 I'll try to develop a new style of painting.

Underrated. Be sure to follow me on my account too. - Skinny_Arles

Akshay Kumar completes 40M followers on Instagram and becomes most followed male actor Akshay Kumar is also the most Followed " ACTOR " of India on social media with 102.5M+ followers : 40M : 36.3M : 26.1M

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