What is financial freedom? Instead of working for your money, let your money work for you.

Leader’s job is to make the team by bringing them together and not break the team by tearing them apart. ~ Vijuy Ronjan

Kaitlyn Jackson, Demi Omole, Randee Drew, Travis Townsend, Justin Rabon, Melvin Thomas, Robert Thompson, Brandon Threats, Ashley Green, Art Putnam and to all the others, a 1,000 thank yous for all the great track memories and for the dignity and class you displayed!

I feel like I have to remind myself this every day.

Leading well is not about enriching yourself ~ It’s about empowering others.

Girls inspire, innovate and grow into women who make a difference in the world. Invest in a today and bring change in the future.

Between Excellence & Perfection, I would choose the former and pursue it as an habit, as perfection targets end result while excellence targets overall process improvement. Seek excellence rather than perfectionism. ~ Vijuy Ronjan

The battle of saraighat is one of the most fiercely fought battles by the Ahoms during the zenith of Mughals.

Happy Tuesday! It doesn't matter how slow your progress is. The most important is you're making a progress! You can do it, girl!

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