Ironically enough I painted this during 2017 inspired by I sketch I had done for of that same year 😂 I believe it’s the first time this little mermaid cropped up!

In 2018, I said I'll finish . I meant it. Here's an extremely late post! Day 17 word is, "swollen".🤣

My attempt at last year...😅 Demitri is the main character of my webcomic, Fortune Brewing, that I'm still working on. Lyriessa is one of the main characters from a future comic I plan on working on after FB. © Yeuvri

I know there are so many talented creators on here which is why I made the challenge. Inspired by one of my personal favorites , I created a list of prompts made of Taylor Swift songs. Rules & prompts attached. Please retweet so we can spread the news!

A bunch of my folklore illustrations from a couple of years ago. Quite nice as a little gif. Click to embiggen.

some old witches i drew before, that i liked. as is with each inktober, i never actually finished the month ;__;

Inked in, lined up and ready to go! (or at the very least: to be scanned, colour balanced, print previewed and digitally optimised - such are the days we live in!😀) ( )

I've deleted my instagram account, so I'm just going to leave this here...

Week 19 Any Space Ghost Coast to Coast or The Brak Show fans out there? Who is this?

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