• • • Warms my heart to see more people out enjoying the trails, as long as they are practicing social distancing. 📸: • • • •

I know the weight will go up but for now this will do. Little 4 mile run this morning, weights at noon, and protein protein protein.

A good full first week of the year and the official start of plan. Some leg soreness from start of strength training. #2020

10 mile run then a good gym session with .....I needed that. Christmas with my mom tonight and Indy tomorrow with my love and her family.

guess I’ll need to start getting back to the training grind 🏃🏻‍♀️ I got into the !! 🤩👊 hopefully this time around it’s not as freezing cold as a couple of years ago 🥶

Squinty photo cuz I’m the best ever. 😆 I was also focused on squeezing my glutes! Last night I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Ruth from ashevilleholisticpt where I learned a ton of valuable…

Working from home today meant I got to run at lunchtime. Easy 30 mins with the dog means I don’t need to go out running ringing in the dark.

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