The banners of say this: "Heaven Eliminates the ". Isn't that great?「」,真好。 加油!

The resilience of is exactly what is needed to fight totalitarianism. Draconian laws are coming to repress these freedom-lovers, but we'll never give in!

I am sorry to disturb , but I have to prove that are not thug as you said. May you take a few second to see the follow picture?

I proud of my city, I proud to be HongKonger. We never give up, never surrender. HongKongers, please be careful.

Let's add another criminal act to the 's definition of "civil disobedience" as per peaceful . We have: - murder - manslaughter - grievous bodily harm - assault - criminal intimidation - criminal damage - arson - possession of explosives - LOOTING

I would say the didn't leave at all. It's just the & coronavirus which changed the format of protesting. While the oppressive security law is coming, many are ready to come back onto the streets...

showing their true colours today, in Causeway Bay … OMG, wasn't that a sexual assault⁉️

After rounds of dispersal by tear gas and water canon, still show great resilience and no sign of backing off. , the proud 🇭🇰 , from fighting for freedom!

I have just tweeted several videos of showing their true colours today, in Causeway Bay. What do you see? I see of , ,

returned to the streets on May 24, voicing opposition to Beijing's proposed "national security" law. In response, local police fired tear gas and pepper spray against protesters.

caused disturbances to protest the planned national security law for by damaging traffic lights (as always since 6/2019) & singing (chanting: “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our time.” & yelling “Hong Kong independence. The only way”)

is trying to label as terrorists, while in fact, are the ones being violently treated.

Hong Kong has shown to Taiwan that autonomy & are🇨🇳CCP’s pathetic lies CCP even dehumanizes with genocidal languages like "virus"/"cockroaches" revealing🇨🇳's intent of "taking the island but not the people"

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