The situation in is the worst in a year, even worse than when the University of Science and Technology and Chinese University were on fire, but it's clear that the world's attention is focused on other things, and the situation seems to be out of control.

This beautiful and vibrant city on the other side of the globe is under the threat of an authoritarian takeover. Don’t forget to express solidarity with the brave people of who are fighting the evil Communist regime in for freedom and independence.

police fired tear gas and pepper spray to disperse thousands protesting, against ’s plan to directly impose national security laws on the city.

Now: Percival street blocked off. Hundreds of protesters clustering around Times Square

Hundreds of riot police charge at protest lines outside Sogo. Some protesters arrested

do you even may accept nations not to be run by China politics - even while by cooperating with? f.e. remembering China about (not to say massacre even to be one - but at least to call it failure); promise about 2 different ways of ecconomics by one nation

As heads towards clamping down in suspends satirical television program and offers apology after its reprimanded by government , via

Joshua Wongis a terrorist in City of China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

Please Chinese propaganda machine can you report what is happening in If you people have reserved respect for democracy.... Why the China intrusion to territories that are not theirs. oh am I forgetting that China is lies and Chinese CCP are liars China is for fakes

proposes new security laws for which opponents fear may restrict freedoms and spark new protests

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