They have the deck stacked GG in the pocket and Senators and too Only sustained Style protests will force change

Really glad that we still have some very good kids in HK. Thank their parents for preserving the good seeds for HK. Previous assets for the future HK

Thank you so much. Every country should pay attention to since people choose to stand up and .

leader took only 4 questions from the media in her weekly Exco appearance - 1 from Commercial Radio & the only one in Cantonese, 1 in Mandarin hfrom Xinhua, 1 Eng from SCMP. This is like a standard combo for a few times now. The 4th from an overseas media org

So it's 1am in and protestors have all gone home but not before leaving a few messages at the government headquarters

& the Key Role of the Human Touch From policing to picking clothes, experts say still has much work to do before it can replace the human touch

The itinerary for Japan is set. However, on route having a couple of days in Hong Kong. Its 40 yrs since, I was last in Hong Kong,so asides from avoiding the demonstrations, does anyone have any suggestions on things to do in Hong Kong?

Drinking on the street is legal or even encouraged!

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