A lockdown of Titanic proportions, from The Stannard Family

Recreate an iconic movie scene silently in 20 seconds or less. Spent a lot of time figuring out how to optimally kiss a broom.

And for my first ever tweet... a silent recreation of the Pixar opening by my talented and hilarious roommate

This was literally a childhood dream come true.

We loved this task!! A classic recreation of an iconic film😫

My daughter cooked me lunch with a little help

Our attempt at Task 7. Recreating an iconic moment in film! E.T.!

Want to see a grown ass woman pretend to be an alien because her cat didn't want to? Of course you do!

One take wonder for number 7. Dogs have been to Tony's for breakfast.

Did that iconic Alien scene...but instead of an Alien, it's a puppy.

Something extraordinary with a pair of trousers (parts 2/2)

Our first task. Thomas and the trousers. Keep up the great work Taskmaster - and his assistant of course!

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