Fun lunch today at Schooner's on the waterfront in Cuyucos on California's magnificent central coast. Crabcakes are awesome!

Love long days on the bike and pretty psyched the goes across the Richmond Bridge now. Opens up all kinds of sweet route options from the East Bay including the Marin classics.

Slow drive back from ski hill. Mostly fully snow covered roads and all turned to slush past . Saw 6 cars in the ditch EB.

The Pacific Highway yesterday was everything and more I have ever expected it to be.

Here’s the brand new Mountain Highway overpass with SB traffic backed up for almost a KM as a result of new intersection. They said it would build us out of congestion. What a joke

For those planning to travel on north of County. The Pacific Coast Highway is closed. For updates, monitor .

A post-dive view that will never get old - the iconic bridges of 's rugged coastline, connecting on its winding route along 's Pacific shores. A moment of calm before both another literal storm and the figurative one that is the looming field season.

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