According to a worldwide survey of art dealers conducted by the Art Newspaper and Maastricht University professor Rachel Pownall, the world's art galleries expect an average annual revenue loss of 72% this year.

- The room cab be divided into two rooms with high-end accordion doors/room divider.

Friday evening chill-out in the shop with the brand new Progression Integrated which looks and sounds gorgeous, quite possibly the ultimate all in one?

The hardest walk you can make, is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.

Preparations before yesterday's e-presentation: Filipsborg were presented to an operator within the high end-segment. It was well received and the operator indicated in an e-mail that he was "200 percent sure" that there will be future bookings.

Here's one we made earlier. A great example of deep buttoning, perfect pleats and individual hand studs on this high quality stool

In its place, we're likely to see a focus on the "experience" of hospitality spaces rather than visual impact.

⭐ @EmsHomeStudio showroom, São Paulo, Brazil featuring our flagship 3-way loudspeakers - the Fat Ladies. A great place to hear them sing.🎵

Somewhere, out there. I’m sure The High-End fight is taking place with this sunset 👀

An initial listing of the property in January 2019 offered the estate for $46 million, with most of the homes' furniture included.

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