My discombobulating grocery list startles both health nuts and take -out lovers.

Lentils with quinoa and Swiss chard: a perfect dish against abdominal fat. food

Kesari, a less than 20 mins traditional south dessert bursting with flavours and sweetness. An amazing dessert for anyone at any time. You may also make this 100% vegan! Check out the video & recipe:

Had to bring this back. fish tacos (not deep fried). Roasted Garlic Achiote and árbol marinated king salmon.

Yall I just ran half a marathon (14miles) for the first time and whew it was a struggle😭... but very proud of this accomplishment 🏃🏻

Here's a tip to help children to start eating : Introduce new foods slowly.

Here's a tip to get your little ones to start eating : Work extra fiber into breakfast.

eating is often 2nd or lower on the list for new parents. Let's make it doable.

Hello twitter friends ❤ Hope you are ok ❤ Stay & 🏠

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