We offer our thanks to the in . Please stay safe, and know that your work is greatly appreciated during this crisis and always. 馃

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KPMG is collaborating with to create solutions across the patient and provider care continuum. Tune in to hear about solution ideas that can improve the experience, enable better health outcomes, and help reduce costs.

Struggling with patient access? Learn why most systems fail and what to do instead. Check out our blog on how to transform patient access for an improved patient experience.

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For a true 360 ecosystem of care to succeed, the foundation must emphasize and enable value-based care, rather than revenue-based services.

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Visual impairment strikes 1 in 20 people and up to 80% of it can be prevented. See how researchers at Barcelona Supercomputing Center use Lenovo supercomputing and AI to detect signs of retinal disease early on to save your eyesight.

Violence Is: 鈿Killing Unarmed People of Color For Just Walking 鈿Rick Scott Tilting Unemployment To Unjustly Delay & Deny Benefits 鈿 Suppressing Voting Rights From Americans 鈿Placing Frontlines Workers In Harms Way, Refusing Fair Wages & DC

They Aren't Us. Those Looting, Burning, Destroying, They Aren't Us. We Want Fair Justice. We Want Fair Elections. We Want Fair Wages. We NEED . We Want Not To Be Killed Because We Look Different From You. Peaceful Times Square

Cauliflower may help with digestion due to its fiber, cancer prevention due to its antioxidants like indole-3-carbinol, improved memory due to choline, healthy bones due to vit. K + more info here

Standing Up with everyone who stand for justice 鈥攚hether we seek to improve for all, or fight for equality in all aspects of our lives. need to be the cornerstone of , and beyond.

To my fellow nurses who are afraid or not sure if they should engage (in any form). is political. is . We advocate for our patients. =political. Advocacy=. Social justice=nursing core value. 1/2

In Turkey Number of medical institutions, the total number of hospital beds and number of hospital beds per 1000 population, 2001-2018 Source: The Turkish Statistical Institute

45 Asked People Of Color What Have You Got To Lose? Our Life! 鈾烳ore Deaths From 鈾烶olice STILL Killing Unarmed Black People 鈾烲ow Pay 鈾 No PPP Coronavirus CARES Checks For Small Black Businesses 鈾45 Killing ACA In Pandemic DC

I really appreciate all the recognition for workers during the pandemic but sometimes I wonder what people think we usually do.

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