Is it still missionary when the babe wraps her legs around the dude waist? Asking for myself

I am SO EXCITED to report that I've accepted a new role at Cisco, still in security but with a different team and customer segment. Starting May 1 I'll be the commerical select cybersecurity specialist for Central, still out of KC, but looking forward to a new challenge!!

As a employee, I've been helping Peabody South East Home Improvement Agency deliver their free food parcels to elderly and vulnerable clients in the Folkestone & Hythe District. Putting smiles on people's faces from a safe and sanitised distance

The best part of having to stay home all the time is... I haven't worn a bra in two weeks 😂😂

Happy to share some good news! Grandbaby #2 is coming in August and we just found out the gender!

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