Today I inherited this 1972-75 Gibson J-45 Deluxe from my wife's family. It was her gramp's and now that her gram passed they asked if there was anything we wanted. Her gramps & I shared a love of music & guitars so I asked about his . Lucky me. Miss you,Dave/Grampa B! 1/

This artwork was made from over 5000 Fender guitar picks. It was made to be auctioned off for Cancer Research UK – it sold for £23,000.

Keith Richards' wide panel Fender Twins and his 1959 Gibson Les Paul

Been playing my "80s porno" riff with this wah pedal for 10+ years. Money well spent imo 😁🤘

Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin (guitar solo) I’ve been trying to play this solo ever since I bought a guitar. That’s my ultimate guitar achievement.

Eric Clapton’s 1958 Gibson Explorer currently owned by Joe Bonamassa

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