. I started a Maryland Real Estate licensing course with 8 students going through it virtually. When I asked them "Why now?" My favorite response was "WHY NOT NOW"

World's knowledge in 1 hand site:Where do they get seeds to plant seedless watermelons

Once you know who you are and you’re true to it, nothing else matters... if you accept yourself - all of your glorious imperfection, nobody can use them against you.

According to a new EMR report, the global Air Freight Market market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period of 2020-2025 to reach a volume of around 137.5 million metric tons by 2025.

Nothing wrong w embracing yourself, life is too short to give af about what ppl think of you! ✊🏽💯

I just want to humbly say that I finished this semester with my first ever 4.0! Thank GOD

Lola is so honest with Daphy, saying that she wanted to get high yesterday after their argument. But she didn't. She thought about the discussion she had with Eliott, and went to see him instead. And it felt "GOOD". The video club truly became a shelter for her 🥺❤️

I may not be, who I ought to be. I know I'm not all, that I want to be. But I've come a long way, from who I used to be. And I won't give up on becoming, what I know I can be!

Ecosystems just about gone, it seems our quality of life is next on economic growth's sacrificial altar. But don't dare complain, or you'll be deemed selfish for acting against the interests of "The Economy". or

How do we feel about this ? The first one is a bit embarrassing but y'all supported me and now look where I am!

When your smiling these days not because of a man but because you found happiness in yourself above all.

?’s coming up during COVID 4 me: 1. What distractions do I engage in? 2. Who r the top 3 ppl whose +ve energy I miss, bc of social distancing? 3. What is the 1 non-school activity that each kid absolutely loves and has a talent for? 4. Do I need to bake this much bread?

🇱🇺 in 1st place among countries, with a significant growth in investments over the past 5 years.

🧠🗣Stop doing things to impress people you may or may not even know! iThe only people who you should seek to impress is GOD and yourself. 🗣Don’t forget that!Compete against who you were yesterday and do better today.

i wanna spit in your face but ima pray 4 you.

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