The TASTE is "interesting"! Tonight we'll be making home made meatball subs with fresh mozzarella!

Set yourself apart from the competition with some exotic additions to your menu! From Alligator and Elk to Calamari and Brie Cheese, we have everything you need to be the talk of the town. Ask your sales rep for more info and visit

This is one of the best that we have ever done Delicious and that you cannot have only one Spongy and all in one Have it ready for

Lunch (and probably supper) in the field today, brought to you by whatever I could find at the Newbury grocery store

today i made 🍀green pancakes🍀 even tho i dont even kno how 2 make cereal anyways im proud so here’s what i added: oatmeal + banana + 1 egg + spirulina + matcha + baking soda + a little bit of almond flour + almond milk

there's nothing quite like spending the entire day making loads of gorditas de orno with the fam♥️

Just wish I could switch off on here sometimes being an expert in . Some of the shite people post is next level crap .

Mustard basted, baked gammon and soft boiled free range egg with rainbow salad, drizzled with chilli oil

Pan seared sirloin steak au poivre, handpicked chard, spinach and baby leaf salad with vine ripened baby plum tomatoes

DELICATESSEN – GOURMET. We collaborate with producers who are specialized in offering delicacies, high quality gourmet items such as truffles, paprika, saffron, marron glacé, premium wines or cherries, among others.

Chilli infused chicken and chorizo ragu with seasoned, spiralised, potato.

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