Neal Brennan - sexiest man of the year. Ugh that voice 💋

Best Buy is handling business! Stay safe!💙

A client attempted to cancel their wedding DJ due to his social media posts about, “the guy that died”. He handled it gracefully.👌🏾✊🏾

Shoutout to Click the link and read the comments to find out what I’m giving him a shoutout

This mf gone look at me and say “oh so your baby hairs curl up” 😂😝

What did I say.... and btw clap it up for the cops on this one for using logic/Humanity/ TRAINING!!!! Awesome Job...

Whenever I see really old dudes in the grocery store with no mask 🥜 🐂

I tell you what, your lyrics and cadence made me listen all the way thru. ✊🏾

👑//I haven't eaten all day. I'm shakey like a damn small ass chiwawa right now. X( Makin' me some ramen noodles. I mixed some Chicken tender loins with that shis too. 👍

Good ass episode! Diggs was a good ass interview and funny shit about Fitz with him be all nice them blow you up with a block next play

Lol heard y’all burning police stations down

dude got a shopping cart to the top of the grade by 6 am thats right there

The minute you start joking about people’s Backgrounds and homes .... ...I distance muself .....You ain’t my Vibe😏 🙌🏿💯💙

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