Good Morning… ☀️With … (1991 - 1993) Lancia Delta Integrale 😍… Evoluzione 💕 ... ... A Great Sunday 👍😊

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller ♥️ .

everyone in have a lovely day and weekend x☕️😊🙋🏼‍♀️🏡🌿🌸

Be detached and unaffected by sweet stories of people and you would save yourself much anguish.

Daddy: Bao Me: I want out. Daddy: Bao Bao Me: I want upstairs Daddy: Bao Me: Daddy why do you keep repeating my name? Daddy: Bao Bao Me: Really? Daddy: BAO. Bao Bao. Me: I’m getting nowhere. Get me mummy. furrends 😻🐾💕

You must own up to your mistakes. Self-honesty would benefit you more than when you try to gloss over a fault.

🌹 To love humans It means you love God .. All forms of love you are seeing among people ultimately form a bridge to divine love. ~ Rumi

Never had a dream that ended well. Either falling off a cliff, running from pirates or swallowed whole by giant snakes. Shit is exhausting.

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