Hi friends!! what's for dinner tonight? The glaze on the chicken is cherry scallion. 🍒

Here's this weeks yummy food recipes. Look for my comments on things I have made! Share yours! 💕

When it comes to our Pizza dough we pride ourselves on preparing it fresh every day so that we can bake the freshest made-to-order Pizzas for YOU, our loyal customers.

Jams are fruit are commonly found inside this German sweetbread. What will you add to yours?

The Yeti says: "Focaccia, focaccia, focaccia." The Wise man says: "Mind your language Mr Yeti!!" The Yeti's guide to bruschetta ... including how to make your own focaccia bread... coming this Friday.

We All Have The Right to Life, Liberty & Wings 🤍❤️. .

Here is my dinner for the night. Ground beef pasta with cheese in it!! Its very good when watching Monday night Raw!! 😀😋👍

Recently, 150lbs of apples from Vera’s Veggies made their way to Martha’s Table and Lunch by George’s take-out lunch programs. That's a lot of apples-a-day to keep our healthy!

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