BREAKING: U.S COINS BOUGHT AT FASTEST PACE IN THREE YEARS... Investors bought 142,000 ounces of American Eagle coins. Long-only ETFs linked to gold have grown by $13 billion so far in 2020, the most since data was collected in 2004 My goodness!

This week, I will be publishing a 10,000 word thesis of why is going to return to being recognized as sound money on a mainstream level while the fiat monetary system begins to break down globally...

BREAKING 馃毃馃毃 is up 22 dollars this morning and is approaching $1650. It鈥檚 worth noting the gold swaps on Comex are still desperately short, if gold continues to rise... the squeeze will be epic!

So, is doing a sneaky run while no one is looking...

To put that in perspective, the all-time high was 11.728 million ounces on 5 July 2011. If the recent rate of increase in Comex total stocks continues, we should eclipse that by the middle of this week.

Comex inventories increased by a further 470koz on Friday to stand at just short of 11 million ounces.

and rise in tandem w/ cryptocurrency >$7k as financial markets face a global debt and liquidity tsunami.

Total annual gold mines output will drop drastically this year due to Coronavirus. Gold refineries to reopen at reduced capacity. Massive worldide physical demand for gold and silver. Dont expect shortage to go away shortly.

Swiss refineries to reopen tomorrow . Let s see how the physical market react.

176 mines globally have been temporarily shut down due to the virus as of this morning. 115 (65%) are precious metal operations.

Congratulation! New all time high! $5.81 trillion 馃捀馃巺 Last week incrase: $557 billion 557 000 000 000 $ Last two weeks: $1.14 trillion$ The prints roughly 970.000$ per second. One freaking million every second!

Guess the name of the jewellery and stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners to win attractive prizes.鉅 .鉅 .鉅 .鉅 .鉅 .鉅

馃挵Can be considered as a 芦digital 禄? At Dex-Trade we believe that is already the 鈥済old standard鈥 for all existing , and also for those that will be created. Agree? Read our article馃憠"

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