Glute Activation Band Workout! All you need is a few loop bands. Complete each exercise for 1 min with 15 sec rest in between. 🔥🔥🔥 Complete 4 rounds. • • #loopbands   #gluteactivation   #glutes   #personaltrainer   #altitudefitness   #glutebuilding   #lowerbody   #strongwomen   gymshark • Song: momma by Kendrick Lamar

Last day of gyming (until I get into the hol gym 😝) 💚 glutes day it is baby

this posing thing is harder than it looks 🙄🥴

trying to refresh my instagram and take more quality photos and videos and create more of a theme! 📸

These two legends started a 6 week block of glute work today. - The first session was all about finding their starting point with the heavy weights, as well as some higher rep exercises working on the mind-muscle connection and the all important glute squeeeeeze! - Workout as follows: A1. Hip thrusts 5x8 A2. GHD 5x15 - B1. Sumo deads 5x8 B2. Resistance band pull through 5x15 - C1. Deficit reverse lunges 3x24 C2. BB Glute bridge 3x20 (do B-stance here for more unilateral work!) - D1. Wide stance paused goblet squat 3x12-15 D2. Straddle lift 3x12-15 - E1. Banded glute bridge with abduction pyramid (12 reps down to 1 - and back up if you really want that glute burn 😆) - 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 fancy giving this a go? Hit save, tag your workout buddy, and let me know if you try it! 🙌🏻 . .

Just tryna work out my new poses to go with Nala 🙄😅

Leg/glute session from today: ♡ Squats: top set 130kg x1 (todays PR, wanted to do at least 4 reps but oh well😂🤷🏽‍♀️) Then did 100kg x7 ♡ Hip thrusts: reverse pyramid set 100kg x10 140kg x10 160kg x8 180kg x8 140kg x 12 (filmed) ♡ Reverse hyper: 2x25 (not filmed) ♡ 45 degree hyper: 32kg 3x12 with a 3 sec negative (not filmed) ♡ 1/3 rep RDL: 2 x 32kg dumbells 3x12 ♡ Hip abduction (fav exercise ever): 70kg 3x25 1 sec pause Hope you all have a great weekend! 😊

BANDED FIRE HYDRANTS 🔥 - These are great for glute activation or to use st the end of a session as a glute finisher which is what I did today. - 3x20 ( each side ) give it a go. Make sure you really think about the muscle that’s working & trust me if you’re doing it right it will burn ! #fitness   #workoutideas   #glutegoals   #glutebuilding   #glutesworkout   #strongwomen   #strength   #strongnotskinny   #results   #teamrealresults   #personaltrainer   #nutritioncoaching  

double rep hamstring hell working smarter not harder after a month of shingles. guess that means I’m officially old. finisher after heavy dl and thrusters. 33 degrees in this room. #hotashell   #hotterthanhell   #mombod   #shinglessucks   #armylife   #burnout   #glutebuilding   #backextensions   #smarternotharder   #bodybuilding   #hipthrust   #deadlift   #girlswholift   #thethrustisamust   #homegym   #glutebridge   #strongwomen   #bunsout   #bretcontreras   #fastedtraining   #intermitttentfasting   #gunsoutbunsout  

tried to get a good picture of that bootypump yesterday but thats something im working on... better lighting, angles. idk if its me or if my gyms shit for photos 🙄 either way i was feelin’ peachy to say the least 🍑🖤 let me know some photo taking tips in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Faccio girare le fasce, le stringo, respiro, sudo freddo per qualche secondo, musica alta, testa, gambe, via. Oggi credo di aver ruggito peggio di un uomo al primo stacco di due rep da 130. Con tutto quel peso ma mai così 𝓁𝑒𝑔𝑔𝑒𝓇𝒶. My way. ______________________________________________ #130kg   #esono130   #130kgdeadlift   #workout   #gym   #gymtime   #fitness   #bodybuilder   #glute   #glutebuilding   #glutebuilder   #deadlift   #deadlifting   #deadlifter   #legday   #leg   #endurance   #bodybuilding   #morningworkout   #nike   #nikepro   #underarmour   #shotoniphonexs   #project   #projectstrength   #work   #working   #projectbodybuilding  

As some of you may have seen, we have a new machine @jetts_mt_gambier_ . It’s called the The Hip Thrust Machine. So here’s some information on why it’s such a good exercise to in corporate in your workouts and tips on how to do it correctly. . . ➡️ According to Bret Contreras, hip thrusts recruit more muscle fibers in the glutes than squats and deadlifts. For this reason many believe it’s one of the most effective exercises in building the power of the glutes. . ⬇️ Here’s some benifits of adding the Hip Thrust exercise to your workout routine: . It’s great for building that 🍑 booty which is so sought after these days. With the use of light weight or a band performing high reps can help activate the glutes before doing heavy squats. Hip thrusts improve the ‘lockout strength’ when doing deadlifts. Finally, it is also very effective in improving speed and acceleration. . Important Steps To A Propper Hip Thrust . 1️⃣ Vertical Shins At The Top Of The Movement Having the shins at vertical angle to the ground will maximise your glute activation. If your feet is too far away from your glutes, you will move the tension into your hamstrings and if you move your feet too close to your glutes it will shift the tension into your quads. . 2️⃣ Push Through Your Heels Pushing through the heels move muscle activation away from the quadriceps and onto the glutes and hamstrings. . 3️⃣ Keep knees out Not only is this better for your knee joints but it also helps with increased glute activation. . 4️⃣ Achieve Full Hip Extension Full hip extension is a fancier way of saying that that the glutes have achieved their highest level of activation. . 5️⃣ Hold At The Top of the movement with A BIG glute Squeeze By holding the movement at the top will increase the time that the glutes are under tension. It will also ensure proper tempo and control are used through the course of the movements. . . And yes, I’m always using my resistance bands when I train legs to help with my lazy glutes and increase booty Gainz😜. These are my brand new perfect 🍑 bands from @letstrain. 👌🏼 . . Happy place @jetts_mt_gambier_ Tights @tilyoucollapse Photographer @johndaviesphotography

@threedaysgraceofficial you rocked 🤟🤟 @officialrusa #rockusa   #rock   #threedaysgrace   #bodygoals   #bootygoals   #happyhealthy   #bodypositive   #makeup   #hipthrust   #glutebuilding  

“You’ve got to love the struggle just as much as the reward. So many people want to peak, but hate climbing. You want the success but you don’t want the struggle. See that’s the problem...people want to grow, but don’t want to go through the growing pains.” Absolutely love this quote, and it goes for anything in life... Love the process, love the struggle, love the journey. Everyone’s journey is different, so no matter how fast or how slow yours may be, how many obstacles you need to pass, all the ups and downs... you will get to your end point. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Is what you are doing now not working out? Try a new route. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. This is your life.. and not everyone’s story will be the same. We are all capable of achieving great things. Make a list of things you want to accomplish with your life and make every single one of them happen• • • • Just finished my workout at la fitness and was seriously dying. What’s with every single LA fitness feeling like its 10000 degrees inside😭😅 does anyone else feel this way😫 still powered through and I feel like my legs are seriously getting so strong and it makes me so happy!! Hope everyone killed their workout today! HAPPY THURSDAY YALLLL • • • • • • #fitness   #fitspo   #gym   #gymmotivation   #trainer   #squats   #bootygainz   #abs   #cardio   #diet   #elliptical   #strongwomen   #bodypositive   #positivevibes   #bodybuilding   #gluteactivation   #glutebuilding   #stairmaster   #hipthurst   #transformation   #bodytransformation   #glutes   #bootybands   #strengthtraining   #gains   #healthyfood  

~Heavy Hip Thrusts~ This is the only exercise that has ever left me crawling. It hurts so good. 7 @ 405 lbs

SINCE SO MANY OF YOU ASKED: HOW DO I ANCHOR MY FEET DURING BOSU GHR’S? ⁣ ⁣ Several days back, I shared this awesome exercise. This IS a very useful way you can use a Bosu. The Bosu serves as a perfect anchor for doing glute hamstring raises. Glute hamstring raises are one of my go-to exercises for strengthening the posterior chain muscles.⁣ ⁣ As I was trying to fit most of my body in the video, you couldn’t see the space on the wall behind my feet. While I explained exactly how my feet were anchored in my post (and article), I guess many people do not read full post descriptions so I had well over 20 people ask me this EXACT question. So, here you go... ⁣ ⁣ ⁣I don’t mean to be stern, and this feels weird as I rarely am, while I LOVE answering your questions, and I hope this is pretty obvious, I do not love answering questions that have already been covered in my posts. I think many of us feel this way. We take the time to create the content, so if you plan on asking questions, please take the time to read our full posts BEFORE you ask anything. This way I can be a lot more helpful. Thank you ❤️ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #bosuworkout   #bosuballworkout   #bosu   #glutehamstringraises   #ghrs   #glutebuilding   #gluteworkout   #gluteworkouts   #buttbuilding   #buttexercises   #strongglutes   #glutestrong   #hotelworkout   #hotelfitness   #travelworkout   #travelfitness   #hamstringworkout   #hamstringworkouts   #prehab   #prehabilitation   #prehab101   #sportstraining   #soccertraining  

Learning to fully (and properly) extend the hips by contracting the glutes is best learned without load first. - - - Once load is added, the natural tendency becomes on moving the implement rather than solely hip extension. For example, finishing an RDL or bridge with lumbar extension in an effort to "move the weight" further. - - - Mastering hip extension with the glutes first makes it significantly easier to avoid that tendency and keep the load on the glutes rather than finishing with your spinal erectors. - - - When it comes to training hip extension with load, one of the best skills is to pretend that "there is no bar". - - - For full lists of helpful tips, setup cues, and a variety of glute exercises (26 so far and more coming) check out the exercise library on www.n1.training or visit through the link in the profile. #n1education   #n1training   #glutebridge   #gluteworkout   #glutetraining   #gluteexercises   #glutebuilding   #glutegains   #lowerbodyworkout  

💪🏽🦍 COACHING UP @mind.body.mealprep ON SUMO DEADLIFTS. She was a bit tired on this set but she pulled through it lol. 🍑💪🏽 #CoachRube   #sumodeadlift   #glutegains   #strengthcoach   #strengthandconditioningcoach   #coaching   #iron   #girlswholift   #girlswhotrain   #tts   #tutelatrainingsystems   #strongwomen   #strongissexy   #gymshark   #gains   #glutes   #glutebuilding   #butt   #gluteworkout   #exercises   #strength   #muscle  

Bootycamp girls smashing their resistance band circuit 💪🏼🍑 @liza_lakkiss @amy_davies09 @gracecollins92 @emilyann111289 @loredana_catarama . . . #bootycamp   #bootycampswansea   #thegymgroup   #thegymgroupswansea   #booty   #resistanceband   #resistancebandcircuit   #resistancebandsworkout   #glutes   #gluteworkout   #glutebuilding   #personaltrainer   #personaltrainerswansea   #groupclass   #fitnessclass   #fitspo   #fitness   #fitspiration  

Here is my killer of a superset in my leg workout tonight . 🍑3 x 10 - 60kg safety bar goodmornings 🍑3 x 20m - 15kg DBs walking lunges ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🍑Start with 3 x 8 - 80kg high bar squats. 🍑Finish with 4 x 10 - 110kg hip thrusts (5 second hold at the end of each set), 🍑5 x 20 - GHR back extensions, 🍑3 x 15 ab wheel. . I'm stuffed mate, but my glutes and hammies are feeling stronger each session💪🏽😜 @kellymann_exphys @performotion Coaching/Homegym @cocos_gym @coco_strongman Nutrition @athleticeating Training gear @cerberus_australia @sbdapparel #peachbuilding   #bootyday   #legday   #rehab   #glutebuilding   #hammies   #squats   #squatties   #walkinglunges   #goodmornings   #cocosanimalpack   #performotion   #cerberusstrengthaustralia   #sbdapparel  

Squats and lower body workout . . 1️⃣ Glute focused cable pull through 2️⃣ Squats 3x7 180lbs 3️⃣ Deadlift 2 x8 185lbs 4️⃣ Cable kickback 5️⃣ Front squat 6️⃣ Deficit RDL 7️⃣ KB swing 8️⃣ DB squat ➡️ KB deficit rdl ➡️ DB straddle squat ➡️ DB straddle deadlift 9️⃣ Good morning - Glute focused . . #cablepullthroughs   #gluteexercises   #squat   #fitmom   #legday   #gluteworkouts   #bbcom   #weightlifting   #lifting   #gymmotivation   #womenwholift   #glutebuilding   #glutetraining   #buildingseason   #fitwoman  

Resistance band squat press

🔑THE KEY TO A SOLID SQUAT 🍑 SESSION 👇🏼 . Proper warmup!!!! . All too often, I see women jumping into their workouts without warming up 😩. . To be completely honest, that’s pretty much asking to get injured 🤕. . And AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Amirite 🤷🏻‍♀️? . 👉🏼Here are 2️⃣ exercises to throw into your warmup routine before squatting: 1️⃣ BANDED BOX STEPS 📦 . This one is great for turning on the glutes! . ✔️Make “Z’s” and backwards “Z’s” with your steps 8-12x for 3 rounds, keeping tension in the band throughout. . 2️⃣ BEAR TO SQUAT 🐻 . Opens up the hips, activates the core, and gets you ready for the movement pattern in a squat. . ✔️Aim to maintain a neutral spine (no bend or arch). Try 6-8 reps for 3 rounds. . 🔑 Key for both of these: go slow and focus on your breathing!! . 🌟 If you haven’t already figured, proper warmups, form, and overall smart, effective, and efficient programming are of the utmost importance to me personally, and even more so as a coach. . It’s how my clients and I not only make progress and see results, but stay healthy and injury free! 🤗 . P.S. LAST CHANCE TO APPLY FOR THIS ROUND OF THE START STRONG ACCELERATOR. 💪🏼 . The SSA is my signature customized 1:1 coaching program, designed to get you strong af, while eating the foods you love (and still losing weight/ toning up)!! 🍔😋 . (I’ll be taking my application down tomorrow night, and not sure when it’ll be up again 🤷🏻‍♀️ and the price will go up next round! 💰) . 🗣Do you warm up before you lift? Lmk about your thoughts on warmups in the comments below 👯! . . VC: @harley.gains . . . . #gluteactivation   #gluteactivationexercises   #glutesfordays   #glutesonfire   #squattips   #buildabooty   #squatsquatsquat   #momswhosquat   #momswhopowerlift   #glutetraining   #glutebuilding   #gluteburn   #workouttips   #momswholiftheavy   #momswholiftweights   #bunsandguns   #glutegains   #postpartumbody   #postpartumjourney   #postpartumfitness   #postpartumexercise   #momswholift   #momswholiftweights   #igniteyourfire   #momfitness   #fitnessmom   #strongher   #weighttrainingwomen   #womenwithmuscle   #buildyourbestself  

HAPPY HUMPDAY FROM ESPANA🍑 It's been TOO long since I posted a workout vid because my wingman has been away but here's a hot lil booty and hammies workout for you to try on your next leg day 🤪 please like and save and let me know if you enjoy!! . 1️⃣Sumo deadlifts 8x4 2️⃣Romanian deadlift 8x4 superset with dumbbell RDL 10x4 3️⃣Banded barbell hip thrusts 10x4 (push up, pause 1-2 seconds and come down) 4️⃣Good mornings (I feel this more in my hammies using a plate than a bar) 12x4 5️⃣Kettlebell squat into sumo rdl 12x4. . . Wearing my @prozis belt for my compound movements to keep my back as supported as possible. Id definitely recommend if you're looking to start going heavier on your lifts in your progressive overloading. Use the link in my bio and code HOLLY-MAE for 10% off 💃 . . . . . . #gluteworkout   #gluteday   #glutes   #glutebuilding   #bootybuilder   #bootypump   #leggains   #legday   #legworkout   #legdayworkout   #hamstringworkout   #glutesandhammies   #bootybands   #teamb_nd   #fitspo   #weighttraining   #lowerbodyworkout   #buildingmuscle   #musclegain   #fitfamuk  

Just thought I’d share a few videos from a previous legday with my workoutpartner in crime (aka semi-voluntary videographer 😇🤪) @kajsaystrom ft. some AH-MA-ZING machines at a new gym we’re trying out for the rest of this month! Turns out a change of environment was just what I needed to get a new fresh boost of motivation 🤩💃🎉 - Apart from the exercises shown in these clips we also did ”pit shark belt squats” (SO KILLER 🥴☠️), Romanian deadlifts, lying legcurls and hip abductions 😎🤘🔥 #lululemon   #bodybypopcorn -  

I'm a big fan of the matching set 💋 esp in pink 🥳😉 ordered lots of new gym clothes as I've had mine for years and the elastic has gone and nothing fits me anymore now I'm gaining muscle! (Yay). Love my new gym set 😍

Last months Boostbox.. personally I felt like I could get most of this in the supermarkets so I’m sticking with Bodbox 😋

Last months Bodbox and Julys 😋 Have a bite a day so this may last me all month this time 🙄

Bosu ball HIIT workout🥵💦🥵 . I used to hate cardio until I discovered HIIT, I prefer HIIT to traditional cardio because it is more intense, you can burn extra calories and fat and you can get your workouts done quicker but with a bigger burn🔥 . Toe taps Side to side squats Alternating push up plank into squat jumps Wide to narrow jump squat Plank knee tucks into push up . I did each exercise 20 seconds on 20 seconds off 5 times with around a minute rest between each exercise, bye bye fat🙌🏼

Humpday got me liiiiiiiike 🍑 workout to start the day 🙌🏾 feeling freshhhh 😘

3 Killer Hamstring Exercises 🔥 Swipe ➡️ . . 1️⃣ Cable stretch( 15 reps 3 sets) 2️⃣ Deadlift (12 reps 3 sets ) 3️⃣ Individual leg deadlift (12 reps 3 sets each leg) . . . #workout   #workoutvideo   #workoutideas   #buildabooty   #bootyworkout   #glutebuilding   #glutes   #booty   #stronglegs   #strengthtraining   #homeworkout   #workoutnoequipment   #personaltrainer   #northbrisbane   #brisbane   #australia   #fitness   #health   #funworkout   #burnworkout   #gym   #easyworkout   #athomebootyworkout   #athomegluteworkout   #legday   #legworkout   #athomelegworkout   #hamstringworkout   #legday   #hammys   #gym   #hamstringworkoutvideos  

A hip dominant squat for glutes is not about how far down you go. The goal is achieving maximum hip flexion (within your active range) and getting your hips as far away from the bar as you can. - - - In order to tell if you're staying within your active range, the pelvis should not tuck under nor should the low back round at the bottom. While you may get more "depth" while doing this, it is shifting more tension to your spine and erectors and decreasing your glutes' ability to initiate the movement. - - - To make a squat more glute dominant, initiate the eccentric by pushing your hips back and continue to do so as you descend. The further your hips are from the bar path, the more work they will be doing relative to the quads. - - - Check out the new N1 Training site with a full exercise library for over 175+ exercises with more still being added! Link in the profile to take a look. #n1education   #gluteworkout   #lowerbodyworkout   #glutebuilding   #gluteexercises   #squatworkout   #squats   #glutetraining  

my zone 💆🏼‍♂️

Home abs🔥 . All the cardio and sit ups in the world won’t give you that toned stomach unless you combine that with healthy eating . Do each exercise for 30 seconds back to back for 4 rounds with no rest in between and a minute or so rest between rounds to make those abs burn . 💪🏻Raised leg reaches 💪🏻Plank ups 💪🏻Elbow to knee crunch 💪🏻Side plank with reach under 💪🏻Shoulder taps

I recall a forum debate 15 years ago where strength coaches were arguing about the merits of no load isometrics. Essentially, coaches doubted whether flexing your muscles without the aid of external resistance (as in posing) could be beneficial to performance. Since then, several studies have emerged, indicating that isometrics/posing indeed build muscle and strength. My typical advice for beginners is to squeeze the glutes for 5-seconds at a time many times (ex: 10-20 times) throughout the day. This can be done while standing, seated, or lying. In essence, you can be training your glutes while waiting around, doing chores, or watching TV. Until now, we only had anecdotes and research investigating other muscles. Yesterday, a study was published, showing that 15 minutes of daily seated glute squeezes led to greater hip extension strength gains than 15 minutes of bodyweight glute bridges. Strength was measured in full hip extension. Interestingly, seated glute squeezes increased end range hip extension strength, despite being carried out in a hips flexed position. A limitation for the bodyweight glute bridge group is that they performed very slow repetitions (5-seconds). This leads to very low levels of glute activation, so the results don’t surprise me. They also weren’t told to squeeze maximally at the top of each rep, which probably would have led to better results. Owing to the law of specificity, the glute bridge group gained greater endurance in a single-leg glute bridge hold. Now we finally have evidence that maximally squeezing the glutes frequently leads to functional improvements. Granted, they didn’t build a lot of muscle in this study or benefit jumping performance, but they did increase hip extension strength, indicating that they would benefit lifting performance. I try to squeeze my glutes as hard as possible 2-3 times a day for around 5-seconds and recommend that you do the same. #gluteguy   glutelab Reposted from @bretcontreras1 #glutes   #glutesactivation   #glutesworkouts   #glutesexercise   #glutestraining   #glutestrength   #glutestrengthening   #glutebuilding   #glute  

Building my booty because well... I’ve never had one! Taking things to a new level of consistency now that I'm surrounded by colleagues who are all Fitness Professionals and I really have all the tools I need to build the butt I so wish to have 💪💪🏋️🏋️ Hipthrusts 40kgs x 10reps x 5 sets . #bikiniathlete   #over40andfit   #legday   #trainingglutes   #glutesession   #hipthrust   #liftingheavy   #resistancebandsworkout   #glutebuilding  

Last year vs this year! gains 🙊 #lifting   weights will do it. Honestly this what women and men want so do judge me. (Celebrate) littlebootysmatter I’m not tryna get that kind of attention I’m tryna do bizness. 😉 If your in milwaukee and your looking for a great personaltrainer I’m here! #mkefitness   #transformationtuesday   #bodybuilding   #motivation   #fit   #flex   #fitness   #resistancetraining   #results   #keepgoing   #keeplifting   #liftheavy   #squats   #coach   #bootybuilding   #bootygainz   #glutes   #glutebuilding   #workout   #workoutmotivation   #real   #🍑   #figurecompetitor   #gym  

Time for a solid leg day 🙌🏻 . - Starting with an incline walk then —> Squats, leg press, lunges, hip thrusts, glute push downs on assisted pull up machine, glute kickback machine, hip addiction, hip abduction 💞 womensbest . - Outfit: @komfykozycollect x @underarmour . - Wish me luck, I forgot my headphones 😭💔

Aquí te explico por que debemos combinar los 3 estímulos para lograr hipertrofiar un músculo: . 1. Tensión mecánica: este equivale al clásico consejo de “cargar pesado”. Cuando generamos suficiente tensión activa en un músculo al momento de contraerlo o alargarlo, estamos creando tensión mecánica. Los ejercicios en los que la tensión se mantiene en ambos movimientos (al contraer y alargar) son aún superiores y crean mayor estímulo. Por ejemplo: un Hip Thrust mantiene tensión en los músculos de los glúteos durante todo el rango de movimiento. Ahora, imagina a un Powerlifter o un Crossfitero, ellos trabajan mucho con tensión mecánica y logran crear mucha fuerza pero sus músculos no se ven “grandes”. Ese es un claro ejemplo de que para hipertrofiar un músculo se necesita una combinación de estímulos diferentes. . 2. Estrés metabólico: Esa sensación de que un músculo quema cuando lo estamos trabajando (por ejemplo cuando hacemos muchas repeticiones en un ejercicio ese “pump” que se siente al final) es provocado por estrés metabólico, es una forma diferente de estimular un músculo deteniendo el flujo de sangre y al quedarse atrapada genera concentración de unidades motoras y subproductos metabólicos como lactato. . 3. Daño muscular: el daño muscular es provocado por hacer algo nuevo a lo que ya estás adaptado (un rango de movimiento mayor al que tus fibras musculares están acostumbradas, cargar mas peso, hacer mas repeticiones de lo normal, mayor tiempo bajo tensión = sobrecarga progresiva). Por eso es importante variar la forma en que haces diferentes ejercicios. ¿Cómo?, variando rangos de movimiento, tiempo bajo tensión, peso, repeticiones, velocidad, rompiendo PRs (records personales). . Schoenfeld, Brad J.; Contreras, Bret. The Muscle Pump: Potential Mechanisms and Application for Enhancing Hypertrophic Adaptations. Strength and Conditioning Journal. 2014. . . . . . #glutehypertrophy   #muscle   #bretcontreras   #bradschoenfeld   #fitness   #fitspo   #bodybuilding   #bootybuilding   #hipertrofia   #workout   #ejercicio   #science   #ciencia   #glutebuilding   #glutexercise   #ejerciciodegluteos  

ridiculous.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ working out every day isn't ridiculous.⁣ ⁣ fitting your workouts into your schedule isn't ridiculous.⁣ ⁣ bettering yourself isn't ridiculous.⁣ ⁣ you're on this journey because YOU want it, not anyone else. don't let ignorant people pull you down. don't let their comments get under your skin.⁣ ⁣ you want to wear an oversized shirt and sweatpants to the gym? do it. you wanna wear minimal clothes? do it. waking up at 5am every day to workout? DO. IT. do WHATEVER makes you happy, makes you feel good, allows you to reach your goals. eff others opinions.⁣ ⁣ nothing you do is ridiculous so hold your head so high and do the damn thing👊🏻⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ 💊 @1upnutrition • brittany20⁣ 🖤 @skywearthreads • BFIT15⁣ 🏋🏼‍♀️ @purelift_apparel •BFIT10⁣ 💧 @freskincare •BFIITT

Repost @dalia_rafidi • • • • • • Happpppy hump day! Don’t forget how crucial glute activation is. Give these a try before any heavy lifts. I struggle with being quad dominant, glute activation really helps me with my mind to muscle connection to target my glutes and really feel them taking over my workout. Use resistance bands to help engage the glutes even further. #legday   #gluteactivation   #workout   #bootybuilding   #inlandempire   #fitspo   #fitness   #workoutroutine   #fitqueen   #fitqueens   #fitqueenofl   #fitqueenofficial   #glutebuilding   #bootyqueenhipbands   #squat   #gymmotivation