Tốp Ca - Glory To Hong Kong & Finale Although I can barely understand the content, I feel the supports within. Thank you , thank you for P.S. I’d love to watch it 10 times more if it’s with Eng subs

Thank you Seely MP! We are suffering from tyranny government, and the suppression of Your letter lights up our hopes! May

I totally agreed with the local terrorism increasing in HK, it comes from and the terrorism regime and 🌎 should stop the above terrorism extending in HK

History may seem to repeat inself, but we learned from history, n we will learn from mistake 3 times a charm, after all the protests in 2003, 2014, 2016, this time we will succeed, we hv to!

I used to live in Happy Valley. I used to walk to Causeway Bay. I know these streets so well. And even though I'm no longer in - and cannot be there - I am singing with every in my heart.

So proud to see the people of Hong Kong out in force today! Don't let the bastards drag you down!

protest anthem is heard everywhere in the island, ppl chanting slogans of . Everything happened today showed the world how much ppl hate dictatorship and the evil .

A portion of the exhibit shows how was made, prototypes manufactured with a 3D printer that plays over and over again.

HongKong's National Anthem HongKong's Song of Freedom. Play it loudly and play it proudly O beautiful and brave people Of dear HongKong Play it till This song of your souls Realises its destiny. Always.

Thank you sir stand with us! 「一國兩制已死」is definitely fact Hong Kong is not China I hope other foreigners can understand our situation and confrontation CCP

The chanting has begun early, an older voice calls out " 5 Demands!" and the crowd roars back "Not One Less!". Chanting ongoing with only a brief pause in the middle as the crowd sang

Hong Kong’s electoral system is a pseudo-election. If functional constituency is not abolished, pro-democracy camp will not get veto power anyway. However, we will also go all out and tell the world again with the election results that We are the majority! May

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