I just survived a murder attempt by this person in . The police is searching for him. This is not the 1st time someone tries to attack me in and the main reason behind it is a report published by ARD Kontraste in Feb. 2019 which included many lies & fabrications.

Diversity (or politics) in management of companies has failed in China during the Cultural revolution. It has been a catastrophy in South Africa (A.A., B.E.E.). It can't succeed in Rwanda where it is a nonsense.

making sure is that all of the Netherlands who are become Muslims are the most loser in the EU.

Jagat Guru TatvaDarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has giving a book as a gift that has improves the life of the readers. To get this free book, write your name address and phone number.

On July 2nd in 1900 the first Zeppelin flight takes place on Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen Germany.

New localization package for , Priority translated into German, fully compliant with local tax & govt regulations. Will enable easy implementation for global customers with operations in Germany and for customers with foreign branches.

's draft exit law would allow highly-polluting lignite to burn until 2038, well beyond the Paris Agreement compliant 2030 deadline for OECD countries - blog by &

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