Yep. People jn Minnesota said "rioters"/ "agent provacteurs" were coming from neighboring, predominantly white states. And look at this white guy that only broke the windows at an auto zone. Hum🤔🤔.

Where is he favored segregation now is he silent while blacks destroy their own neighborhoods...get ready for a and once we rebuild

The reason you’re seeing the protests in downtown Houston right now, and, and not in Austin is because all of the people of color have been run out of Austin. Thank you, . 🙄 It may be a blue city, but it reeks of racism. I lived there many years. I know.

, rezoning, and displacement have played a role in disenfranchising people of color.

My questionnaire for residents on housing, , community and Covid-19 is now available online: . Please circulate or share with anyone you know who would be interested!

One day they will see it's and why isn't anyone else tweeting about it. Parochials are egging it on too.

If you can, please help sign this petition. The small shops in the swap meet are being asked to remove all their items because they want to close it down to build more USC housing!!! It is illegal to get evicted without a proper notice.

NYC dos and don’ts. Don’t move at 5am and make noise like its 5pm and wake up your neighbors. Expect a “fuck you you fucking fuck”

Look forward to engaging in conversation tomorrow about all the issues surrounding the largest social housing redevelopment in North America. Regent Park is my former home and the place where social housing began in Canada.

The Parc Ex Anti-Eviction Mapping project is going live. Follow us if you are interested in housing justice in Montreal

Our author, Miggy Angel talks to "telling things to one another" speaking on poetry, working class culture, Miggy is our Angel -spend the time/an incantatory voice Boy, Bestiary is available now --a book made out of love -- 🔥

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