石川修司 vs 鷹木信悟のときみたい。 

feeling really down again. nothing that a NJPW 5 star classic cant fix. Naito vs Omega G1 Final ❤️💜

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Get a dose of STRONG STYLE 12 full-length matches, 1 incredible price. Nakamura | Styles Omega | Naito Ospreay | Takagi Okada | Opsreay White | Ibushi These are just 5 of the bouts you'll see! Sat. | May 16 | 8pm ET

Today’s tshirt is from this past summer’s opening night event at the in Dallas. I was honored to get this shirt from . It was so cool to witness this historic event!

Here is a look back to a great time! My pal and me calling in Dallas last July. Photo taken by the wonderful

8/10/19 Day 17 was great. I enjoyed Okada vs. Ibushi! Currently watching 's Atsushi Aoki's Memorial Show at Korakuen Hall from 8/11/19.

Poor Ibushi though. He optains the biggest successes of his career in 2019 by winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship & winning . But once he goes to , he loses both nights. Hopefully big success for him in the future.

Example - The “get-in” price for the in Dallas was cheaper than this house show.

Ill start. Wrestler of the year: Jon Moxley Tag Team of the year: Rock 'n Roll Express Match of the year: Osrpeay vs Okada G1 day 7 (July 20th)

I’ve just watched Tanahashi vs Ospreay from the G1 and it just became my fav of this tournament with an incredible atmosphere ! The whole 17minutes match is insane honestly this is just beautiful to see, pure wrestling ! ✨❤️

Jon Moxley defeating Killer Kross, Pentagon, Darby @ Indie Shows His outstanding climax but especially him defeating Ishii & Tranquilo Naito Murdering Kenny, Darby & Joey & Last but not the least Last week when he confronted Chris The 🐐 Jericho

The Jyushin Thunder Liger coin purse is now available exclusively in the merch booth in venues or online shopping site! Don’t miss the chance to get it before he retires next year!!

Switchblade Jay White vs Kota Ibushi. Let's go 💪🏻

Rewatching and i have to say that even in a tournament where you would think time is a key and you would have a couple of 'squash' matches you still see really competitive matches.

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