A little video about my inspiration for raising money

Many still think is the same as Refundable No, that's really different! Now I ask you, is there a framework other than DYCO, where all supply of in circulation is 100% backed up by Money + buyback concepts to protect investors?

IEO framework has broken from the start and never work. No liability & No safety on it. No one project from list below will bounce back. The from will be solution👌. New era of 👏👏👏

A lot of people have recently reached out asking questions and advice on fundraising. So I am compiling a thread on my experience as a first time entrepreneur. 1/10

Day two saw James walk surreys 3 peaks, Charlie do the tour de Shrewsbury and jack mow his lawn ….. another impressive day early on in training from everyone 66.6 miles covered.

Today is a day of delivering the charity cupcakes 🧁💓 £133,000 raised.. £97,000 to go! You will get better beautiful boy 💙

‘Face shields for our frontline workers’ successfully delivered more than 200 face shields to frontline workers in Lipa, Philippines. The campaign was organised by Chrysantine to raise funds to purchase much needed face shields for frontline workers.

Spare a thought for those who weren't as successful at as ...from the previous - new issue out now!

Totally agree with you! If you choose ICO or IEO = 0😭 But don't worry with Money-Backed utility tokens So, Let's spread up about and show how valuable this concept! Win-win solution for All👇

Hour-A-Thon is the 🔥 fundraiser in the country right now! Teams are raising huge 💵! Don’t let us be the only ones that tell you check out a few testimonials 🎥 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 contact us today to sign up! 📱➡️📞

At FundEzer, once you step in, you are not alone. We believe that with everyone working together on a common goal, we can achieve things beyond our greatest imagination. Be part of the community, go to and support a cause.

We have children’s and adult maks for sell for our fundraiser $12 for adult - pack has ten. $7 for child- pack has two

Heading into week 9 for home working & its’s going to be a great week!!! I’m looking forward to speaking to lots of our supporters to see what they are up to and Friday sees the return of the virtual quiz. Join us on the Facebook page at 7pm.

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