5$ XiNew quartz Fleiger from Wish. On a 18.00$ strap. . . . Going to give it a spin next week at work. Doesn't have the same feel as a but still fun. . .

Thank you very much to all the Brazilian support us, you guys can also use Formosa to call Taiwan.

For the public sector, the Ministry has encouraged the formation of among museums, libraries, archives, universities, companies, and non-profit and non-governmental organizations, resulting in collaborations such as " Evergreen."

Chiayi, Taiwan-Hsin Kang Feng Tian Temple The plague in the first picture says: “UN for Taiwan”. Means Feng Tien Temple was the first temple dedicated to entering the United Nations.

in in 1895 - The Republic of (now ) was formed, with Tang Ching-sung as its president.

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