What's worst or better? A. Having it all and then loosing it. B. Never having it all at all. I say A is better because once you know how to get it, you will get it again.

We live and learn through our experiences; Life is all about trial and error!💭

When the fruits lookin’ all fine & fresh.. then, surprise! lol Took a big ol bite, & now you have poisonous parasite munching away at the truths within in your mentalities 😄 Doesn’t necessarily have to “look rotten” to be rotten, remember this ☝🏼

How are you as in investor during quarantine? I’ve been researching companies with steady 3 year price levels and quality dividends that got hit hard by the pandemic sell off. Big green around the corner!

generally speaking anyone that uses has some dumb shit to say and it rings true with this one

I hold my tongue not because I’m weak, but because I’m strong.

Just a little food for thought!! It is easy to get caught up in the wrong things. Always keep your eyes on the Jesus! ⚫️🟡🏈

If you do not work on an important problem, it’s unlikely you’ll do important work.

If Bernie drops out, it’ll look a lot better for the DNC to have Biden drop out at the convention and give his delegates to somebody else. If Bernie’s in it up to the convention, Biden might have to accept the nomination.

Fear the Lord, and u will have nothing else to fear.

Joe Rogan does not represent the party line voter you need to win the primary. Joe Rogan DOES represent the independent voter you need to win the general.

If God called you to the mission He'll equip you for the task!

“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it” ~ Catherine Zhang. I heard this somewhere today and it really stuck with me...

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